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<BioGen> I was just reading an article in icelandic newspaper
<BioGen> about internet addiction
<110> what is internet addiction
<110> and what are "newspapers"
<BioGen> "anyone can piss on the floor, be a hero, shit on the ceiling "
<110> "anyone can shit on the ceiling" by biogen - now in the stores
<mly> can you make a howto tutorial ?
<BioGen> 1. build room with floor on top and ceiling on bottom
<BioGen> 2. shit on ceiling
<BioGen> easy

<BioGen> I just finished reading 26 pages of forum posts in icelandic
<BioGen> about an opera singer who was exceptionally rude on tv
<BioGen> I got bored of idm chat and decided I would be a blackmetal satanist from now on
<110> 3 people and we talk about 4 different things
<110> especially me and 110
< mly > :)
<BioGen> :]
<mly> i'm distracted by sifting through shit on my hard disk at the moment

<110> hey yo, have you seen the new article about m-5 delta synth-fx blue tools DX saxophone virtual instrument pro on xyz-kvr-abc-dx-audiounit.biz ? it has VintageWarmTransformWavetableMastering™ now !!
<BioGen> maybe if I stop reading kvr I will start to make good music again
"Der Vertragspartner verpflichtet sich, während der Mischung unentgeldlich anwesend zu sein."
<BioGen> how is your g5 dead wald ??
<waldrand> motherboard...i only make "biep" now
<waldrand> he only..
<BioGen> lol
<waldrand> new dual 2.5
<BioGen> !!!!???!!!
<waldrand> 4 days old..
<110> <waldrand> i only make "biep" now
<110> <waldrand> i only make "biep" now
<110> <waldrand> i only make "biep" now
<BioGen> lol
<BioGen> it should be under warranty, right ?
<waldrand> summertime !
<biogen> look what this friend of nisse writes on their site
<biogen> he says ableton live is not "profound"
<110> he does not mean biogen using it, he was thinking of ableton making it.
<biogen> oh well
<biogen> the difficult but powerful method of live coding, that is, programming SuperCollider on the fly
<BioGen> I'm gonna do a couple of preset albums and sell them
<110> or fly around the world in a bicycle and get sponsored by coca cola
<BioGen> If I could fly on a bicycle maybe someone would actually pay me
<110> first underground artist who flies around the world in a bike
<BioGen> but thats not very simple
<BioGen> maybe I can invent first invisible ufo and sell it on ebay
<BioGen> reaktor is giving me spinning wheel of death and I cant force quit it
<BioGen> stupid computer
<BioGen> or I'm gonna sell xxxxx´s used underwear
<BioGen> only 20 available
<furdulegt> 50% = 88khz
<biogen> YOU FUUUUUUL !
<furdulegt> thetta er i fyrsta sinn sem mer finnst reaktor virkilega skemmtilegt
<biogen> damn
<mly> hm, i still get spam from someone claiming to be biogen's dad
<rt> or a mac os with hyperthreading and "turn off multitasking bullshit" button
<rt> and audiomidi setup apps that remember connections..and don't spike CPU with 4 channels and 2 controllers.
<Synphon> du must nur probieren, mein System zu verstehen:
<Synphon> Volumes und Pans macht man normal, und switcht zwischen Remotes durch einen Knopf
<Synphon> da hast du immer für 96 Kanäle sofort die korrekten Anzeigen
<Synphon> wenn du ein Anzeige Fenster am Schirm aufhast, switcht das gleich mit, das ist genial, und die Anzeige wird sofort ans Ding zurückgemeldet
<Synphon> zugleich hast du natürlich alle anderen Parameter für den aktiven Kanal
<waldrand> hi...hab mal den kurt von xxxxx gefragt wegen 2-3 externals in meiner video app (standalone) ... "I am glad that you enjoy xxxxx. However, the use that you describe is expressely prohibited by the license. You agreed to the terms of the xxxxx license when you purchased the software. It is absolutely not permitted to use the software in this way."
<waldrand> oh ... my saturn is in opposite.
<BioGen> creativity comes automatically after reorganisation